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Ray’s Champion Spring & Motor Service, Inc. offers comprehensive services. Our business is a body shop in Fort Worth, TX, that specializes in removing scratches, dings, and dents, and provides painting to restore the exterior to a high-gloss shine. In addition, we offer services for brakes, AC, wheels, and more. Our technicians are ready to do pretty much everything your car needs.

Over our years in the business, we’ve learned maintenance is the most important gift you can give your vehicle and yourself. Bring your SUV in for tune-ups, oil changes, and alignments regularly. This keeps everything operating correctly and keeps repair costs low.

For questions you have about problems that worry you, we say, “Have no fear.” We have skilled and experienced technicians that can figure out what’s wrong with your description of the problem. But we don’t stop there. We follow up with computer diagnostics. Plugging your truck into our high-tech equipment gives us a code that identifies the problem.

Maintenance is essential for the outside of your vehicle, too. This is why we offer car body repair. Don’t let the scratches and dings rust over. Prevent problems with a touchup. Our technicians want your car to look as good as it runs. With dent removal and fresh paint, your vehicle looks its best. Call us to schedule a service appointment.

Thank you for your interest in our car and truck repair in Fort Worth, TX. Our team at Ray's Champion Spring & Motor Service, Inc. looks forward to hearing from you soon.

(682) 350-3119

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