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An Auto Mechanic in our Auto Repair Shop in Fort Worth, TX

Handling Everything from Suspension Repair to Wheel Alignment in Fort Worth, TX

An Experienced Auto Body Shop in Fort Worth, TX

If you find yourself thinking, “Is there a good mechanic near me?” contact us today. The team at Ray's Champion Spring & Motor Service, Inc. has more than 100 years of combined experience when it comes to truck and automotive repair. Our auto repair shop works on all makes and models, including the following:

• 4 x 4 Trucks
• Cranes
• Diesel
• Domestic & Import Trucks & Autos
• Motor Homes
• Recreational Vehicles
• RKIs
• Tommy Gates
• Tractors
• Trailers 

More Than Just Spring Repairs

As you might guess from our name, we have an extensive inventory of leaf springs in stock so that you don't have to wait around for us to get the parts we need to get your rig back on the road. But did you know that other than selling you tires that we can provide truck or auto service in Fort Worth, TX, from end to end too? Our full range of services includes the following:

• Air Conditioner & Electrical Repair
• Brakes
• Complete Machine Shop Service
• Crane Service & Repair
• D.O.T. Machine Service
• D.O.T. Inspections
• Electrical System
• Frames
• Front End Alignments
• Lift Gates
• Maintenance Repairs
• Motor Installation
• Oil Changes
• Paint & Body Work
• RV Alignments
• D.O.T. Inspections
• Service Bodies
• Short Block Assemblies
• Suspension
• Tune-Ups
An Auto Mechanic Repairing Car Problems in Fort Worth, TX

Offering a Variety of Services

Along with our other repair services, our team at Ray's Champion Spring & Motor Service, Inc. also provides suspension service and wheel alignment in Fort Worth, TX.  When your wheels are misaligned they can cause your vehicle to drift and pull while trying to drive. This can be extremely dangerous as it could lead to your car pulling into oncoming traffic or the ditch while you drive. Additionally, misaligned wheels will lead to higher fuel consumption and more wear on your suspension system and tires.

That’s why we offer proper alignments to straighten your wheels and to keep you steady while on the road. This will also make driving much smoother, and you will not have to fight against your vehicle trying to drift into other lanes. When checking your alignment our team will also check over your suspension system to ensure it has not been damaged. We even work with the heavy-duty suspension of large trucks and 4x4 vehicles. Contact us today to learn more about our alignment and suspension services and see why they are so crucial for your car.

Repairs for Comfort

Here in Texas, it is essential to have working air conditioning in your car. That is why we offer comprehensive car AC repair to fix any issues with your vehicle's climate control system, helping you have a cool and comfortable vehicle all year-round.