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Expert Car AC Repair in Fort Worth, TX

If you’ve got car problems, Ray's Champion Spring & Motor Service, Inc. has a solution. Our full-service shop offers professional car AC repair in Fort Worth, TX, to keep your vehicle running right and get you back on the road after a malfunction. Turn to us for everything from routine maintenance to extensive engine work, and we’ll make sure you never need to make another stop to get quality service from qualified mechanics.

We cover virtually every make and model, from compact cars to motor homes. Plus, we keep an extensive inventory of parts on-hand at our expansive facility, meaning that you spend less time waiting on shipping when you need a replacement. Get the help you need immediately, call us for any auto issue.

Get a Complete Car Tune-Up

We do more than solve existing problems. With our car tune-up and maintenance services, you can prevent them before they ever happen. This gives you more peace of mind and often leads to less spending on costly repairs down the line. Whether you’re making a family road trip or your daily commute, we deliver a level of service that gives you ongoing confidence for your drive.

Even if you haven’t noticed anything odd about the way your vehicle operates, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us for regular upkeep. Our mechanics work to make sure you’re never caught off-guard by a hidden issue or left waiting for the work you need longer than necessary.

The Easier Oil Change

Even the most robust vehicles need periodic fluid changes to keep working smoothly. We make this often-tedious process as streamlined and stress-free as possible. Because our team has more than 50 years of experience to rely on, we know how to handle an oil change service in any car. Not only that, but we also have the skills and insight to recognize any engine issues we might come across in the process.

If we do find something, you won't have to go somewhere else to get it fixed. We'll simply contact you to explain, answer questions, and provide a solution with your approval. Trust your car repair team with your next oil service, as well as any other auto need.

Get Back in Alignment

When your vehicle starts veering left or right on its own, it's probably an issue with the wheel alignment. Don't ignore this problem! You need to trust that your vehicle will go where you intend it to drive safely. Furthermore, a poor alignment will wear your tires down quicker and even reduce your gas mileage.

Stop by our shop for four-wheel and front-end alignment so that you can enjoy smooth driving again. We'll restore your vehicle's wheel alignment to like-new condition for a better ride and less wear and tear. All makes and models are welcome. Plus, we don't just work on cars. Ask us about our repair services for motor homes, tractors, and more.

Accurate Diagnostics for Your Auto Concerns

Whether your vehicle is acting weird, sounding weird, or smelling weird, you can count on our technicians to get to the bottom of it. The foundation of our expert auto repair services is our accurate diagnostics. With our extensive, hands-on experience and professional tools, our team can solve any automotive mystery and determine the most cost-effective solution. We understand how important your vehicle is to you, and we also understand that money doesn't grow on trees. That's why we're committed to straight talk and upfront pricing for our auto repairs and body work.

Contact us today to schedule an auto service appointment. We proudly serve Fort Worth, TX, as well as the surrounding areas.